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Ella Arrives in Australia

Ella has a new adventure to embark on and it begins with a journey to Australia. This is the all-new Ella’s Australian Adventure series, for children of all ages. Written by Sheree Chambers.

Ella's Australian Adventure

Ella Arrives in Australia

Ella Arrives in Australia is the first book in a brand new Australian Adventure Series. The series is a collection of Children’s short story books by author Sheree Chambers.

Get your kids excited about Australian animals, Aussie culture and language with this new series of adventure books for kids of all ages.

Educational, as well as fun, this series equips children with knowledge about  unique Australian wildlife, the amazing nature, as well as some of our history. For parents and children interested in learning about Australian culture, history, wildlife and the cities, towns and regions of this fascinating country. 

About the author

Sheree Chambers

Sheree Chambers is an Australian local, who enjoys writing poems, short stories and creating new worlds through the written word. When she’s not writing, Sheree runs a small web design agency, Brugel Creative, and also a self-publishing press Impressum which aims to help other indie authors get their voice heart.

As a new mother, Sheree wanted to create a gift for her daughter to learn about the amazing country she lives in. These children’s poems were written to help her discover some of the uniqueness about where she lives. With a hidden hope that she will also be inspired to adopt her mother’s love of the written word.

Sheree also previously published a teen fantasy novel, Resistance, which is about a talking lizard who leads a resistance movement to take over the Kingdom of Rogerdan.


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New and Upcoming Releases

Explore Ella's Australian Adventure

Book One: The Letter A

Ella Arrives in Australia

Pre-orders now open for the first book in the series, available December 2020.


Book Two: The Letter B

Ella Boils a Billie

Coming January 2020.


Book Three: The Letter C

Ella Chases a Cassowary

Coming February 2020


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